Laura Mai – Applications Manager at Boreal Genomics, Vancouver, BC
Xuesong Li – Pursuing a PhD at University of British Columbia in Genome Science and Technology with Dr. Phil Hieter
Mani Hamidi – Freelance work as a Scientific Editor
Yuan Fang – Administrative job
Sarah Natrasany – Research Technician at the BC Genome Proteomics Centre at the University of Victoria
Tejomayee Singh – Research Technician at Michael Smith Laboratory, Dr. Phil Hieter
Lyda Mimi Brown – Research Technologist at the University of Chicago
Geoffrey Woollard – Pursing a PhD in BioEthics
Jake Yeung – Pursuing a PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland
Baillie Redfern – Medical School at University of British Columbia
Rachel Edgar – Research Assistant at Women & Children’s Health Centre, Vancouver, BC
Marlo Firme – Biotechnology Professional
Charlie Kuan – Biotechnology Professional
Gerard Chan – Analyst, Advanced Analytics at Lenovo, Singapore
Alex Cumberworth – Biotechnology Professional
Ruiwei Jiang – Data Scientist, Boeing Canada
Kateryna Ievdokymenko – Ph.D. in Microbiology & Immunology, UBC.
Georgia Mewis – Biotechnology Professional
Adam White – Post doctoral studies at Stanford University, California, USA.
Roy Nassar – PhD Studies at Stony Brook University, NY, USA
Shreyas Rangan – Research Assistant in the Piret lab, UBC.
Kevin Mehr – Scientist at Segra Biogenesis Corporation, Richmond BC.
Keith Mewis – Genome Scientist at AbCellera – Vancouver, BC.
Carolina Novoa – Research Technologist at Qu Biologics, Vancouver BC.
Christopher Roach – Working as a Managment Consultant at Boston Consulting Group, Toronto, Ontario
Kevin Jepson – Working at a local company in Vancouver, British Columbia
Emma Titmuss – Working as Genome Sciences Centre, BCAA in Vancouver, British Columbia