Kevin Mehr – NSERC PhD Scholarship; UBC Four PhD Fellowship Award

Keith Mewis – NSERC Alexander Graham Bell CGS-D Scholarship; UBC Four year Fellowship Award; NSERC Alexander Graham Bell CGS-M Scholarship; UBC Graduate Entrance Scholarship; Best poster Award (Gordon Research Conference, 2013)

Zachary Armstrong – NSERC CGS D PhD Scholarship;Faculty of Science Graduate Award; UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship Award;  College for Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Award

Christopher Roach– 2014 UBC Edward JC Hossie Leadership Award (UBC’s highest award for student who have demonstrated exceptional leadership though volunteerism, community service, and/or campus activities); 2013 UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award; 2013 British Columbia Epilepsy Society Scholarship; 2012 British Columbia Epilepsy Society Scholarship; Vice-Chair of the UBC-V Senate – 2014-2015; Member of the UBC Board of Governors – 2014-2015; President of the Graduate Student Society – 2013-2014; Member of the UBC-V Senate – 2011-2013 and 2014-2015; 2015 William and Dorothy Gilbert Scholarships in Bio-Medical Sciences ; 2016 UBC Alumni Future Alumnus Award

Michael VanInsberghe– NSERC CGS D3 PhD Scholarship; Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship Pre-Doctoral Fellowship; UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship Award; Faculty of Science Graduate Award; College for Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Award

Adam White – NSERC CGS-D Scholarship; UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship Award

Florian Baier – Poster Competition – 3rd prize (Protein Engineering Canada Conference, 2014)

Marlo Firme – John Bosdet Memorial Fund, GSC Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

Andrew Wong – UBC Four Year Fellowship; NSERC PGSD Scholarship

Hans Zahn –  Vanier award

Julia Pon –  Vanier award

Daniel Woodsworth –  CIHR MSc Scholarship

Shauna Crowley – UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship

Charlie Kuan – NSERC MSc Scholarship

Georgia Mewis –  NSERC MSc Scholarship

Adi Steif –  NSERC MSc Scholarship; Vanier Award; Prestigious Schmidt Science Fellowship

Scott Brown –  Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master’s; Shaun Kenneth Gauthier (Shaun G) Scholarship in Cancer Research; CIHR PhD Graduate Scholarship

Judith Booth – NSERC MSc  Scholarship; UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship Award; NSERC CGS-D Scholarship

Nathaniel Lim – Faculty of Science Graduate Award; 2013/14 St. John’s College George Shen Fellowship; 2013/14 St. John’s College Reginald and Annie Van Fellowship

Alison McAfee – NSERC Michael Smith Foreign Studies Supplement Award; NSERC CGSD MSc Scholarship; Sayward Community Bursary; NSERC PGSD PhD Scholarship; Austalasian Proteomics Society Travel Bursary; British Columbia Proteomics Network Travel Bursay; UBC Four PhD Fellowship Award

Roy Nassar – NSERC MSc Scholarship

Madelaine Couse – NSERC MSc Scholarship

Carmen Bayly – NSERC PhD Scholarship

Tal Shalev – NSERC MSc Scholarship; NSERC CGS-D Scholarship

Tony Hui – NSERC MSc Scholarship

Veronique Le Blanc – CIHR MSc Scholarship; Vanier Award

Ben Callaghan – NSERC MSc Scholarship

Mang Zhu – NSERC CGS-D Scholarship

Nelly Saber – NSERC MSc Scholarship; UBC Four PhD Fellowship Award; NSERC PHD Scholarship

Emma Laks – CIHR MSc Scholarship

Nathaniel Lim – UBC Four PhD Fellowship Award

Alice Zhu – NSERC PhD Scholarship

Dan Seale-UBC Four PhD Fellowship Award

Anni Zhang – CIHR MSc Scholarship; UBC Affiliated Award; UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship Award; CIHR-Doctoral Scholarship

Michael Skinnider – Vanier Award

Sephr Kamal – CIHR MSc Scholarship

Evan Warner– CIHR MSc Scholarship

Kathryn Lande – NSERC MSc Scholarship

Elie Ritch – UBC Four Year PhD Fellowship Award

Cameron Herberts – CIHR MSc Scholarship

Frederick Sunstrum – NSERC MSC Scholarship