The Genome Science + Technology (GSAT) graduate program is flexible and intended to accommodate the diverse background of students wishing to enter it. Students who apply for entrance must satisfy the general requirements of the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies and must be acceptable to the GSAT Admissions Committee. Students entering the program generally have a first class or a high second class bachelor’s degree.

The GSAT program also provides the opportunity for students to spend their first semester engaged in research rotations designed to maximize the exposure to a broad range of research topics before committing to a thesis project and supervisor. Students accepted to the program (September start date only) will automatically be considered for a research rotation award. Students who do not qualify for a research rotation award must secure the commitment of a GSAT faculty supervisor before they can be accepted to the program.

Applications are screened by an admissions committee which bases its decision on academic transcripts and three letters of references. Most applicants are informed of their acceptability by April of the prospective year of entry. Students from countries where English is not generally used are required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and submit the results before admission. IELTS scores are also acceptable.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be submitted by the deadlines indicated below (this includes your reference letters being uploaded). This allows time to meet scholarship application deadlines, and for space and supervisory commitments to be planned. We are, however, open to any inquiries from talented students on a year round basis. International students should be aware that it may require up to four months to process visa applications, so that early submissions are encouraged.

M.Sc. Graduate Program:

Start Date Application Deadline
September 2025 December 1, 2024 (Refs due Dec 14, 2024)

Ph.D. Graduate Program:

Start Date Application Deadline 
September 2025 December 1, 2024 (Refs due Dec 14, 2024)
January 2025 August 15, 2024 (Refs due Aug 30, 2024)
May 2025 October 31, 2024 (Refs due Nov 15, 2024)

Required Application Documents:

  • CV
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • Three strongly supportive letters of reference (if the referee does not have an institutional email address, they can send their letters by postal mail to the program coordinator,  and they can be unloaded at this end)
  • Official TOEFL score or equivalent (for students whose first language is not English or have not attended an English-speaking post-secondary institution – University code: 0965  Dept code: 99)
  • Minimum Scores for Tests of English as a Foreign Language:
    • TOEFL (internet-based) overall score of 100
    • IELTS overall band 7

Application Procedures

Complete the applications on the Application Service Centre (ASC):    Complete all questions and upload all required documentation.  Referees may send their letters by postal mail to me they do not have an institutional email and they can be uploaded at this end.  Pay application fee and submit before the deadline.  A completed application means that all documents are uploaded and reference letters are received by the deadline. Hard-copies of supporting documentation will only be required once you have been accepted into the program.  Applicants should try to secure a supervisor before their application. ONLY applications for September entry will be considered for the GSAT rotation scholarship.

Application Fees

To apply to the program, you must pay a fee when you apply to the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies.  As of April 2020, the UBC application fee is CDN$106 for domestic students and CDN$168 for international students.

Additional information on the Genome Science + Technology program can be obtained directly from the Program Coordinator:

Sharon Ruschkowski
Genome Science & Technology
100-570 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4S6
Tel: 604-707-5803

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