Stipends / Awards

Competitive stipends ($26,000/year) are available to all M.Sc. and Ph.D. GSAT students throughout their graduate school tenure. In addition, first-year tuition scholarships will be available to applicants with outstanding academic achievements. All candidates accepted into the GSAT program will be considered for these scholarships.

These awards allow graduate students the opportunity to undertake research rotations during their first semester, in addition to course work, in order to fulfill the requirements of their degree. The rotations provide students with knowledge and technical skills from different disciplines and engage in a vast array of methodological approaches that are important in resolving major scientific challenges. All candidates accepted into the GSAT program for a September start date will be considered for this award. 

Internal Awards (UBC)

All top-ranked graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. degree will also be considered for a Four-Year Fellowship provided by UBC and adjudicated by the GSAT Program Committee.  All candidates accepted into the GSAT program will be considered by the admissions committee and ranked according to their GPA.  These awards must be topped-up to the required minimum stipend of $26,000/year.

External Awards

MSc and PhD students are encouraged to apply to external scholarship competitions from national agencies such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council as well as provincial funding through the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.  Please refer to the individual granting agency websites for competition details and deadlines.

Conference Travel Competition and Research Exchanges/Workshops Competition

Competitions will be held 2X per year:  Oct 31 and April 30 deadline.

Conference travel awards will be $1500 and Research Exchanges/Workshops will be $2500.

Students must provide (Conference) 1) copy of abstract they will present for poster or talk; 2) Purpose of travel – conference name and date; 3) requested funds

Student must provide (Research Exchanges or Workshops) 1) Purpose of travel -proposed workshop/exchange; 2) location and dates attending; 3) requested funds; 4) Summary of proposed research travel project (1/2 page maximum).

Eligible expenses to be covered are: transportation, registration and accommodation. Successful applicants must document expenses, with proper receipts, using departmental travel expense reports signed by direct supervisor and department head within 2 weeks of completion of travel.

GSAT Summer Scholarship

This award is for an undergraduate student to spend 4 months in a GSAT faculty’s laboratory for the summer.  Priority will be given to 4th year students who are graduating and thinking of entering graduate studies, but all applications will be considered.  The award will cover 50% of the student’s stipend, with the other 50% covered by the student’s supervisor.  The award is worth $4,050.  If the student already has secured funding for the summer from another source, they are not eligible to apply for this award.

Application materials:

  • Application form at:
  • CV
  • Transcripts (non-official are acceptable)
  • GSAT faculty you wish to work with

Deadline: March 15, 2023

UBC Awards & Scholarships

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