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Tejomayee Singh
M.Sc. Program
Previous Degrees: B.Sc. Microbiology,
MBA Biotechnology
2011 Cohort

My research interests are focused on understanding how mutations in Fbxw7 may contribute to tumorigenesis. Somatic mutations in Fbxw7 prevail in colorectal (11%), biliary tract (30%) and endometrial (11%) tumors. Fbxw7 – a component of SCF ubiquitin ligase – serves as a tumor suppressor through negative regulation of oncogenic proteins. Disruption of both alleles of Fbxw7 causes chromosomal instability in colorectal carcinoma cell lines. However, most of the carcinogenic mutations in Fbxw7 are missense substitutions. I am functionalizing the most prevalent missense mutations in Fbxw7 and studying the resultant phenotype with a focus on chromosomal instability, mitotic spindle defects as well as elevated oncogenic substrates of Fbxw7.

Supervisor: Philip Hieter